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Here at TheSubwayPeople, we're here to simply share the ongoing phenomenon that occurs everyday under every major city with you. Check out our funny videos and pictures! Its a treasure trove of epic fails and laughs! Wether it happened on the train, or at a subway station, you'll find it here.

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The subway. a place of transportation, a source of underground performers, the rich and the poor, and everything in between. All of which are forced to come together under the busy cities across the globe. This makes for an explosive combination of awesomeness! And now, in the era of technology, aka, the cell phone. All of the action can be captured and preserved on This means that unlike ever before, we can now share all of these amazing funny videos and funny pictures with the world. So keep your phones handy for they are the tools of great power. If you have ever captured funny pictures or funny videos on the subway, then we want to post them on our website to be forged into greatness! Also at, we host a photo competition. Whats that mean? it means that you get paid for uploading both funny pictures and funny videos to our website. We have a first, second, and third place cash prize for our photo competition that happens every month! We constantly update to keep it fresh over here at So enjoy, and don't forget to like us on Facebook.

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